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Board card-playing "DeepTown. Call of depth"

The game is devoted to the virtual saga by Sergey Lukianenko, united the novels "A maze of reflections", "False mirrors" and "Transparant stained-glass windows".
Welcome to the Deeptown - the capital of cyberreality!
Connect to the net, become a diver, go into the depth and begin performing the order. You will move all over the virtual area of Deeptown by servers, counteract hackers and destroy viruses.
Every perfomed order will give you an opportunity to occupy a place in the Gallary of Divers. There are twelve places and the twelfth is the highest.
The game is destined for the children from 10 years old and upwards.
From 3 to 6 players take part.
The duration of the game is from 30 minutes.
Cards - 100 pieces
Counters - 48 pieces
Bricks - 1 piece
Rules - 1 piece


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