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Java-game for mobile phones "Aziris Nuna"

One day a stone lump, covered with old Egyptian hieroglyphs, is brought into the city archeological museum. A guard of the museum, much to his surprise, finds a crack in the lump and sees a mysterious metallic thing in it...

Stas and Kostya, learn about queer piece of rock and get into the museum under cover of night. They find a strange metallic egg-shaped capsule within the lump, climb into it and in this surprising way go on journey through the time.
The subject of the game is absolutely the same as the subject of the film. You can play in the role of every main heroes - brothers Kostya and Stas, Shidla. Wonderful graphical and sound design. The heroes and location are momentally recognizable.
Type: mobile java-game
Creator: "Akella"


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