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Board card-playing "DeepTown. Call of depth"
Welcome to the Deeptown - the capital of cyberreality! Connect to the net, become a diver, go into the depth and begin performing the order. You will move all over the virtual area of Deeptown by servers, counteract hackers and destroy viruses.
The date of publication: spring 2006

Java-game for mobile phones "Aziris Nuna"
One day a stone lump, covered with old Egyptian hieroglyphs, is brought into the city archeological museum. A guard of the museum, much to his surprise, finds a crack in the lump and sees a mysterious metallic thing in it...

Board card-playing "A-tan. Star Graal"
Try yourself in the role of a real hireling and bring Artur Van Kertis to the planet Graal. And if you don't like it, don't allow Artur and other hirelings even to approach to the planet. First of all select reliable men of the people from your Galaxy and then act.
The date of publication: spring 2006



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