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Dear friends!
In this section you can find everything that I would like to show you.
Books”- the section contains information about the books and illustrations for the covers.
Films” - here you can find annotations to the film versions of my novels, which are already in distribution or which are not finished yet. Different studios have already bought the author’s rights for the majority of the books, so I hope this section will increase and new films will make the audience happy.
Games” – descriptions and references to the games on basis of my books. Some of them are identical to the subjects, others use only common ideas and have developed their own unique world. But in any game you have an opportunity to behave differently from the main hero's conduct and the author’s opinion. Maybe, that’s why we like games…
In the section “Shop” you can order books, CDs, DVDs and audiobooks of my novels in the best on-line shops of Runet.
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