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Feature film
Russian premiere: 8 July, 2004
Everybody knows it’s dangerous in the night streets. But it isn’t a question of delinquents and maniacs. When night comes and strength of evil rules over, there are those who can be met in the day time – dark magicians, vampires and other evil spirits. Those whose strength is great who can’t be killed by common weapon. But those who down the centuries fight with production of dusk and win them over follow in the tracks of “night hunters”. And they religiously observe the Treaty concluded between Lights and Darks thousands years ago…
Their name is Night Watch. Their destination is keeping balance between Good and Evil, because breaking the balance causes destructions, wars, revolutions, universal catastrophes. Every shabby act of a man – treason, betrayal, murder – as a good one, lies down on the scale upsetting the balance of power. That’s why strength of Light and strength of Darkness have to live in two worlds: real world and the other world, trying to lead people into sin or turn away from it…
Russia, 2004, 115 min., colour.
Cinema Company TABBAK / BAZELEVS-PRODUCTION by request of the First Channel.
Timur Bekmambetov
Leading roles:
Konstantin Khabensky (Anton Gorodetsky)
Vladimir Menshov (Geser)
Valery Zolotukhin (vampire, Kostya’s father)
Maria Poroshina (Svetlana)
Galina Tyunina (Olga, sorceress)
Gosha Kutsenko (Ignat)
Aleksey Chadov (Kostya)
Janna Friske (Alisa Donnikova)
Iliya Lagutenko (vampire Andrey)
Victor Vergbitsky (Zavulon)
Rimma Markova (Witch)
Maria Mironova (Egor’s mother)
Aleksey Maklakov (Semen)
Alexander Samojlenko (Ilia, Bear)
Dima Martynov (Egor)
Anna Sluy (Lena, Tiger)
Anna Dubrovskaya (Larisa, vampire)
Music: Jury Poteenko
Scenario: Sergey Lukianenko, Timur Bekmambetov
According to Sergey Lukianenko’s novel “Night Watch”
Leading producers:
Aleksey Kublitsky, Varya Avdyushko
Producers: Anatoly Maksimov, Konstantin Ernst
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