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"DAY WATCH". 2006
Feature film
Russian premiere: 1 January, 2006
The sequel to the blockbuster “Night Watch” describes the events of the second part of the book by Sergey Lukianenko. But the new film offers not only a story about further development of events and heroes’ relations. It can be called a major step, which brought Russian entertainment cinema up to world’s standard. Creators used all the necessary components: dynamic detective subject, bright and expressive love line, scaled and realistic special effects, excellent work of cameraman, who as if engages you in the actions of the film.
This time it’s really serious. World is on the verge. If you see an Inquisitor on the TV screen, the shaky balance between Lights and Darks may be upset. It’s a big game, and there is no pity for pawns. A member of Night Watch Anton Gorodetsky becomes a small fry in a very high intrigue. But neither manipulator nor his victim expect such a surprising end...
Russia, 2006, 140 min., colour.
Cinema Company TABBAK / BAZELEVS-PRODUCTION by request of the First Channel.
Timur Bekmambetov
Leading roles:
Konstantin Khabensky (Anton Gorodetsky)
Vladimir Menshov (Geser)
Valery Zolotukhin (vampire, Kostya’s father)
Maria Poroshina (Svetlana)
Galina Tyunina (Olga, sorceress)
Gosha Kutsenko (Ignat)
Aleksey Chadov (Kostya)
Janna Friske (Alisa Donnikova)
Victor Vergbitsky (Zavulon)
Rimma Markova (Witch)
Maria Mironova (Egor’s mother)
Aleksey Maklakov (Semen)
Alexander Samojlenko (Ilia, Bear)
Dima Martynov (Egor)
Anna Sluy (Lena, Tiger)
Igor Lifanov (Persecutor)
Nikolay Olyalin (Inquisitor)
Sergey Lukianenko (Magus Ruslan)
Music: Jury Poteenko
Scenario: Sergey Lukianenko, Timur Bekmambetov, Alexander Talal
According to the second and third parts of Sergey Lukianenko’s novel “Night Watch”
Leading producers:
Aleksey Kublitsky, Varya Avdyushko
Producers: Anatoly Maksimov, Konstantin Ernst
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