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Feature film
Russian premiere: 16 March, 2006
One day a stone lump, covered with old Egyptian hieroglyphs, is brought into the city archeological museum. A guard of the museum, much to his surprise, finds a crack in the lump and sees a mysterious metallic thing in it... Two brothers, Stas and Kostya, learn about queer piece of rock and get into the museum under cover of night. They find a strange metallic egg-shaped capsule within the lump, climb into it and in this surprising way go on journey through the time.
First of all they appear in 2506, where become captives of “Space prison”, meet unusual people of future, play incredible game, fall into hands of fantastic sphinx Shidla, who saves them from danger. Brothers continue their journey in the machine of time, which sends them this time to Old Egypt. There brothers meet blood-thirsty Pharaoh Nemenhotep, who is going to execute them and brothers are on verge of death. Saving themselves Stas and Kostya get into the “chronoscaphe” again and return to our time to their parents. But they know no rest – brothers have to fight with mummy of Pharaoh Nemenhotep, which suddenly returns to life in that archeological museum…
Production: Cinema Company “KVID”, Studio “Ded Moroz”.
Director: Oleg Kompasov
Leading roles:
Philip Avdeev (Kostya)
Roman Kerimov (Stas)
Vyacheslav Grishechkin (Kubatay)
Semen Furman (Smolyanin)
According to Sergey Lukianenko and Julius Burkin’s novel “Today, mum!” – the first book of trilogy “Island Russia”.
Soundtrack: “Time-Out”, “Bordo!”, “L.O.M.O.”, O. Dzusova, Green Grey, ColDunya, Pakava It.
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