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Dear readers!
I’m happy to greet you in my virtual home.
The main thing for a writer is his books. And it is books that keep the reader interested in. But there is always something besides literature: pictures, music, games and films, that are related to the books. You also might be interested in the writer’s know-hows and personal bachgroun – how the author writes his books, what his life is like. This site will help you found out more about my books and me.
here you can see something from my own photo archive
13 november 2014

Publication of the book «The Genom»

«The Genom» published in English
22 january 2012

Release of the new book "New Watch"

09 march 2011

"La Torre del Tempo"

23 november 2007

New arrival in the Lukianenko family

22 november 2007

New novel from Sergey Lukianenko will be based on a computer game Turn to.
Store. Books, Video and Games Turn to.
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The Night Watch
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Twilight Watch
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