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Sergey Lukianenko is a Russian fantast-writer. He was born in Karatau, Kazakhstan.
After school Sergey moved to Alma-Ata, entering Alma-Ata State Medical Institute in 1986 as a therapist. His writing, which he started while still a student, had just started producing funds in 1992. During this time he became an active member in Russian fandom, visiting conventions and attending seminars all around the Soviet Union. In 1996 Lukyanenko moved to Moscow, where he currently resides.
One of the novels finally brought a breakthrough to his career, taking it out of the "SF ghetto" where he had been for some years and into the mainstream conscience. The novel Night Watch was an important landmark in Lukyanenko's writing career. His gloomy but picturesque settings and vivid characters brought him a considerable success. He struck gold when improvements in the Russian economy permitted financing which revitalized a dormant domestic movie industry.
In the meantime, several other books have been released by him, such as the deeply philosophical, non-series novel Spectrum which deals with the themes of existentialism and omnipotency, among others (look the bibliography). Currently Sergey is working on several other projects and continuing to write short stories and participate in the life of fandom.
Until recently relatively few of Lukyanenko's works have been released outside of Russia, mostly in Baltic states, Bulgaria and Poland, countries with traditionally strong ties with Russian literature. Even fewer were commercially published in English. However, success of the movies finally changed the situation. Night Watch translated by Andrew Bromfield was published in English in July 2006, Day Watch followed in January 2007, Twilight Watch was published in July of 2007.
Other foreign publication in major European and Asian languages appeared in the last two years, mostly brought to life by the success of the movies. These publications mostly centered around the Watch series, although other works are also being considered.
Lukyuanenko himself said that his work has been heavily influenced by that of Robert A. Heinlein, the Strugatsky brothers, and Vladislav Krapivin, and that he hopes to be remembered as a literary follower of the Strugatsky brothers. Although his books are often set in harsh worlds, Lukyanenko is a humanist writer, and in this sense believes he follows in the footsteps of the Strugatsky brothers.
The author considers his genre as a “Fantastic of hard action” or a “Fantastic of Way”. Besides a great number of other literary prizes in 1999 Lukianenko became the youngest laureate of “Aelita” – the oldest native prize given for the common contribution to development of fantasy (for other awards look in the awards section).

Sergey is married. He met his wife Sonya early in 1990, while still at university. He married her later the same year. Now the Lukianenko family brings up two children. The inseparable part of their family are two Yorkshire Terriers named Busya and Varya. Sergey is keen on and smokes his favorite pipe.



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